Fiberglass Swimming Pools

The Best Fiberglass Pools Made

Jersey Pools and Spas Inc. installs the finest fiberglass pools available. Our pools come with a lifetime warranty and offer shapes, colors, attached spas and sizes to meet even the most unique design requirements.


Construction Plan

    • Develop complete construction plan, to be approved by owner.
    • Lay out pool in yard, for owner approval.
    • Secure necessary construction permits.
    • Review equipment location, access, and stock pile location.

    • Access yard through approved access arrangement.
    • Expert excavation, backfilling, grading, and excess dirt removal.
    • Control water as needed. (additional charges will apply)
    • Grade access area upon departure.

    • Place Fiberglass Shell in excavated hole with 6″ Crushed Stone bottom.
    • Backfill sides of pool.
    • Grade and level deck area of swimming pool.

    • Plumb all suctions on independent lines with valve better than ANSI 7 specified 6 FPS line velocity using ASTM 1785 approved material.
    • Plumb returns to insure no dead spots in pool better than ANSI 7 8 FPS.
    • Install light niches per plan.
    • Plumb for specified cleaning system.

    • Install all specified equipment as per ASTM and MFG specifications.

    • Install pool-grounding wires as per National electric code 680.
    • Wire all equipment and install g.f.c.i. within 100′ to main electrical source.
    • Wire NEMA 4 rated control system as specified.
    • Install convenience light switch at equipment location.

    • Install all concrete per plan using ACI specifications.
    • Provide sleeves in deck for added protection against settling if needed.
    • Provide drains for decking if needed. (additional charges will apply)

    • Clean construction site.
    • Turn on and check operation of all equipment.
    • Instruct owner on proper operation of entire system.