Pool Opening

Owner's Cover Removal

Removing, blowing, folding and storing of pool cover on location. Reassembly of filter, motor, pool equipment, and starting of heater (gas must be turned on). Chemical start-up And More!

Price: $339+ (plus tax)

No Cover Removal

Summerization without cover removal. Blowing off and rinsing of surrounding deck. Reinstalling of ladder, handrails, spa jets, and return fittings. Chemical start-up And More!

Price: $235 (plus tax)

Acid Wash

Summerization with acid washing. 4 hour labor charge included. 2 - 5 gallons of Muriatic Acid

Price: $899 (plus tax)

Maintenance Program

18 week Summer Maintenance Program. Includes Summerization and Winterization. Call for more details