Safety Covers

Sometimes protecting our pools from the winter months can be a difficult decision. Let us help you with the choice.

At Jersey Pools & Spas Inc.,we provide several products to help you with your winter and fall closings. A Winter Cover is traditionally an affordable way to protect your pool in the winter months. When combined with a proper winterizing program, an solid winter cover will protect your pool from the wear and tear of freezing winter weather and eliminate costly maintenance and spring cleanup. Safety Covers protect more than just your pool from the harsh winter & fall elements, they are designed to prevent accidental submersion. Making them the ideal cover for families with small children and pets. All the safety covers we offer meet or exceed safety cover performance standards as set forth in ASTM F 1346-91.

Winter Covers and Safety Covers

Traditionally, Winter Covers are the affordable choice for protecting your pool from the winter. Winter Covers starting cost may be as low as $50 for a small cover. While a Safety Cover will run a bit more.

Safety Covers are made of either a strong polypropylene mesh (for mesh covers) or tough, long lasting vinyl (for solid covers), these strong materials give the expectancy of your cover 12-15 years in most cases, with regular care. Proper washing, storage and maintenance will ensure your covers longevity.

Safety Covers work differently than Winter Covers. While Winter Covers are held down around the pool with water pillows, Safety Covers mount to anchors, which are drilled into your deck or patio around the pool, with heavy-duty springs.

Because your traditional winter cover is made from a solid material, rain, snow and ice will collect on the top of you pool cover. Once the water collects on the top of the cover you will need to pump the water off, to prevent build up and a messy spring clean-up.

Mesh Safety Covers allow rain or snow pass through cover & into your pool, leaving behind the debris on the top of the cover to be removed. Solid Safety Covers come standard with either a drain – which will drain the water from surface filtering out dirt, leaves and debris – or pump to drain off water. Both Safety and Winter Covers protect your pool from algae growth over the long winter months & chemical loss through evaporation.

Both Covers offer their benefits, however, if you are looking for Safety, a Safety Cover is the only way to go. While the Winter Cover secure the actual pool from the elements they do not secure your family, pets or stray animals. Safety Covers provide a protective barrier between the pool and accidental intrusion, while a Winter Cover will not.