Vinyl Liner Swimming Pools

Setting the Standard in Design and Durability

Since 1999 Jersey Pools and Spas Inc. has proudly offered Cardinal Systems vinyl liner pools. Cardinal Systems offers one of the industry’s best warranties (lifetime) combined with the finest engineering and wall systems available. The unlimited designs, shapes and sizes allow us to meet the needs of the most discriminating clients.


Construction Plan

    • Develop complete construction plan, to be approved by owner.
    • Lay out pool in yard, for owner approval.
    • Secure as necessary construction permits.
    • Review equipment location, access, and stock pile location.

    • Access yard through approved access arrangement.
    • Expert excavation, backfilling, grading, and excess dirt removal.
    • Control water as needed. (additional charges will apply)
    • Grade access area upon departure.

    • Place level steel walls and braces to shape pool.
    • Install concrete foundation to secure walls for the lifetime of the pool.
    • Provide for all skimmers, lights, and additional features.
    • Install Acrylic pool step.

    • Plumb all suctions on independent lines with valve better than ANSI 7 specified 6 FPS line velocity using ASTM 1785 approved material.
    • Plumb returns to insure no dead spots in pool better than ANSI 7 8 FPS.
    • Install light niches per plan.
    • Plumb for specified cleaning system.

    • Install all specified equipment as per ASTM and MFG specifications.

    • Install pool-grounding wires as per National electric code 680.
    • Wire all equipment and install g.f.c.i. within 100′ to main electrical source.
    • Wire NEMA 4 rated control system as specified.
    • Install convenience light switch at equipment location.

    • Use only dry mixed Vercon floor material.
    • Trowel smooth Vercon walls and floor.
    • All walls and floor to be 2” to 4” thick.

    • Install 20 – 28 Mill Virgin vinyl liner.
    • Install aluminum tracking to accept liner.
    • Install 1/8″ Wall foam on pool walls.
    • Install safety rope and float system including safety signs.

    • Install all concrete per plan using ACI specifications.
    • Provide sleeves in deck for added protection against settling if needed.
    • Provide drains for decking if needed. (additional charges will apply)

    • Clean construction site.
    • Turn on and check operation of all equipment.
    • Instruct owner on proper operation of entire system.