Guide to Simple Pool Care for Salt Pools

Jersey Pools and Spas Guide to Simple Pool Care for Salt Pools

Have your pool opened properly or use our opening  kit. If the pool is green refer to our green water guide.

Once the pool has been opened you should do the following:

  • Ensure salt generator is at zero production level
  • Brush the pool; thoroughly once every one to three days
  • Vacuum the pool when clear
  • Backwash the pool daily until the pressure remains steady at the normal operating pressure (Remember to recharge D.E. filters)
  • Check and empty pump and skimmer baskets daily.
  • Add 3-6 chlorine tablets to the pool. We offer automatic chlorinators.
  • Three to five days minimum after opening, bring a water sample to the store and have the water tested. Testing will ensure proper water chemistry. Adjustments will include Metal Control, Total Alkalinity, PH, Calcium Hardness, Stabilizer and Salinity.
  • We recommend Salt Support to achieve the correct stabilization level as well as prolong the life of the generator’s cell
  • Once water is completely balanced, the salts generator can be activated and set to appropriate level


Key factors to maintaining a clear pool are proper chemical treatment and good filtration.

Chemical Maintenance

Balance water at the beginning and at the end of the season

Bi-monthly professional water tests are encouraged to maintain proper water chemistry

Keep chlorine residual of 1.0-3.0 PPM or 0.4-0.6 PPM if you have a low chlorine system such as a Nature 2 System

Add 2-4oz. Per 10,000 gallons of quality non-foaming, 60% algaecide once a week.

Test pool water daily to ensure proper chlorine and PH levels. Replace reagents yearly.