Guide to Simple Pool Care

Jersey Pools and Spas Guide to Simple Pool Care

Have your pool opened properly or use our opening kit. If the pool is green refer to our green water guide.

Once the pool has been opened you should do the following:

  • Brush the pool thoroughly once every one to three (1-3) days.
  • Vacuum the pool when clear.
  • Backwash the pool daily until the pressure remains steady at the normal operating pressure (Remember to recharge D.E. filters).
  • Check and empty pump and skimmer baskets daily.
  • Run the pool 24 hours a day until cheer.
  • Add 3-6 Chlorine tablets to the pool. We offer automatic Chlorinators.
  • For Salt pools you must test the salinity after the pool water is balanced. Adjust the salt level accordingly. (Will vary on size of pool and the amount of salt it contains)
  • If the water is cloudy add clarifier and more shock
  • Three to five (3-5) days minimum after opening, bring a water sample to the store and have the water tested. Testing will ensure proper water chemistry. Adjustments will include Metal Control, Total Alkalinity, pH, Calcium Hardness, and Stabilizer.


Key factors to maintaining a clear pool are proper chemical treatment and good filtration.

Chemical Maintenance

Balance water at the beginning and the end of the season.

Bi-monthly professional water tests are encouraged to maintain proper water chemistry.

Keep chlorine residual of 1.0-3.0 PPM or 0.4-0.6 PPM if you have a low chlorine system such as a Nature 2 System. Always keep chlorine tablets in a floater, automatic chlorinator, or your skimmer. (3-6 tablets for normal pools; 1-2 for Nature 2 pools).

Shock the pool once a week. Use 1 pound per 10,000 gallons. Depending on the type of swimming pool shock, pre-dissolve in a bucket to ensure proper disbursement.

Add 2-4oz.per 10,000 gallons of quality non-foaming, 60% algaecide once a week.

Test pool water daily to ensure proper chlorine and Ph levels. Replace reagents yearly.

Avoid purchasing discount chemicals purchased from large discount department store chains and home improvement centers. Less expensive and lower quality chlorine manufacturers use animal fats and other by-products in the chemical’s production. The inert ingredients used have a tendency to not dissolve in the water. These “by-products” begin to buildup in your pool water. Over time, a black ring or stain like shadow will develop in the water and at the water line. Less expensive chemicals will clog your filter  faster than normal, reducing the life of your filtration system and the quality of the water.

Mechanical Maintenance

  • Set motor time clock to run 8-12 hours a day. Longer in hotter water.
  • Vacuum pool once a week. Automatic pool cleaners should run 1-3 hours a day.
  • Keep Skimmer and Pump baskets free of debris. Check daily in spring.
  • Brush the pool once a week. This rids the walls of algae and dirt build up.
  • Backwash 24 hours after shocking. Backwashing has to be done once every other week or more often when water flow is reduced. Recharge D.E. filters after backwashing.
  • Occasionally, your filter system may need to be cleaned to ensure proper filtration. Sand should be changed at least once every three to five (3-5) years. D.E. filter elements should be soaked in an acid solution to remove D.E. powder that has build up over the years.

Water flow and good circulation are key factors in keeping a pool clear. Be sure to backwash as directed.


As the weather gets hotter, the more chlorine in the pool will use. A 70-degree day may use 3-6 tablets per week. A 90-degree day may use 3-6 tablets every three (3) days. Never let your pool run without tablets. Remember Chlorine tablets supplement your pools chlorine loss throughout the day. Always keep 3-6 tablets in the skimmer, floater, automatic chlorinator.

Green, dull or cloudy water is usually due to low chlorine levels. Shock is the “cure all” of all cloudy water or algae problems. Shock kill the bacteria that builds up in the pool through normal usage. Think of shock as penicillin, If the doctor says “take 3 a day for 10 days” and I say “shock with 5 pounds” do it! Shock will boost the total and free chlorine levels and return the sparkle to the pool water. Clarifier will help as well. Remember to shock once a week.

After shocking the swimming pool, algaecide has to be added. Algaecide is the pool’s emergency back up system that will prevent an algae bloom in a pool that is lacking chlorine. The algaecide will temporarily keep the algae dormant until the pool is shocked.

Please do not hesitate to give our shop a call. Our staff is highly trained to answer all your questions and help with your concerns.

Happy Swimming!