Spa Worksheet

Jersey Pools and Spas, Spa Worksheet

Every 6-12 Weeks

  • Drain Spa
  • Hose Out and Soak Filter in Filter Cleaner
  • Refill Spa with Tap Water
  • Test Water with Test Strips for Total Alkalinity Only
  • Add Total Alkalinity Increaser as needed
  • Add Stain and Scale Control 4 Tablespoons per 500 Gallons
  • Wait One hour and test Spa water for PH level and adjust as needed
  • If using Spa Frog change blue (90 Days) and yellow canisters (30  Days)
  • If not using Spa Frog ass 1 quart of PH Anchor


  • Add 4 oz of Stain and Scale Control per 500 gallons
  • Add 2 oz of Spa Shock per 500 gallons
  • Refill Brominator or spa frog canisters
  • Hose out Filter and soak in filter cleaner as needed


  • Wait 1 hour between chemical additions
  • If water is dull, cloudy, foamy or smelly; use 1 bag of Spa Shock to clean up water
  • Call our service staff with any questions
  • Filter water 2-4 hours everyday

Most of all enjoy you spa and don’t stress out over your water chemistry.

Minimum Chemicals to Keep on Hand-  (Spa Frog or Bromine Tablets and PH Anchor) Bromine Test stripsm Total Alkalinity Increaser, PH Plus, Stain and Scale Control, Spa Shock, Filter Cleaner, Spa water clarifier, Defoamer.


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